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I first heard about Breakaway Matcha in one of David Romanelli’s newsletters. I remember reading that he used to be really dependent on coffee, and this particular green tea cured him of that. As I’m not that dependent on coffee, and matcha wasn’t new to me, I didn’t think much of it.

But David continued mentioning Breakaway in ensuing newsletters. It piqued my interest.

I checked out the website and immediately loved that Breakaway was based in the Bay Area, which is where I grew up. As I read through all the pages, I tapped into the pure passion that Breakaway Matcha comes from. I learned a lot that I wasn’t yet aware of about the benefits of matcha green tea. I also learned that not all matcha is made the same. All but one of Breakaway’s blends are meant to be drank pure – nothing added. I loved that. So I sent them an email and asked if they could send to me in Singapore, where I was at the time, leading a Teacher Training.

Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with matcha, and it is without fail a part of every single day. It has changed my early mornings from drowsily dragging my feet to being one of the only bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people on the tube. It has changed my appetite for coffee. If you’re wanting to minimize or eliminate your coffee intake, matcha is the way to go. Did you know green tea is the only form of caffeine (I think..) that has an alkalizing rather than acidic effect on your body?

I LOVE drinking a cup of matcha before I do my practice as it is so energizing and even somehow meditative. Because I teach inconsistent hours, I often found myself feeling drained by the middle of the day, and certainly so by the end of the week. It’s not easy to finish a day at 9pm and have to wake up the next morning at 5am, and then have the energy to teach several classes. With matcha in my life, my energy levels are consistent and more abundant, and no matter how late I have a serving, it never affects my sleep the way other caffeinated drinks do.

I’m feeling long term effects as well, in my digestion and metabolism. Honestly the list of benefits goes on and on.

The reason I prefer Breakaway Matcha is that it is matcha in its truly pure form. I have not found ANY other comparable brand here in London. I’ve tried others, but the taste is completely different; you can even see it just by looking at the color. That said, if you cannot get Breakaway, I think that any form of matcha is still better than none at all. With other brands, you might try making a matcha latte with rice milk.

If you’re in the US, there’s no excuse to not try Breakaway. They offer 5 different grades, so if you’re a bit shy to commit right away, start with Blend 94 if you can afford it, or the Culinary Blend at the lowest price point. Use this code for free shipping in the US: LEAHFREESHIPPING

Outside the US, they are offering a free bamboo scoop and sieve with your order! Just let them know we’re friends ;)

I also love the ritual of making my matcha. It asks you to slow down for a few minutes and take some care in preparing something good for yourself. And this fuels good energy through you as well. xxoo

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