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My first book release! Scroll down for more info.

I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics, but it wasn’t long before I realized my life would be much better spent on the mat than in a cubicle. With the guidance of my first mentor Ally Hamilton, I have devoted my life to yoga: to studying, practicing, teaching, living, breathing, surrendering to, and just trying to be yoga. I had the privilege of regularly practicing with many internationally recognized teachers, most notably Bryan Kest (I was his personal assistant) and Erich Schiffmann (who gave me my first teaching certificate!), while living for nearly a decade in the modern-day yoga mecca of Santa Monica. This is where I built my teaching foundation and turned my heart’s passion into a professional reality. I taught privately and also built a full schedule of classes at studios and high-end gyms such as Santa Monica Power Yoga and Equinox Fitness.

During the summer of 2007, I moved halfway across the globe to Hong Kong on an intuitive whim. I have always had a gypsy spirit, and envisioned that one day I would travel the world teaching yoga. Within two weeks of my arrival in this completely new land, where the relatively new yoga scene was picking up major momentum, I was offered a full time teaching post at Pure Yoga, the most well-known yoga studio chain in Asia.

Since spring of 2009, I have been Nike’s Global Yoga Ambassador. I travel on behalf of Nike’s yoga program as their spokesperson and head trainer. I lead Nike Dynamic Yoga teacher trainings and I am featured in Nike media publications. I also design yoga programs for Nike, most recently for Nike Training Club, an iPhone app that has reached over 1 million downloads. I’m extremely proud and excited to be a part of this amazing project!

Now based in London, I feel that the intuitive whim that led me to travel the globe was a divine nudge onto a greater platform of teaching and service. I am so humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to share my own realizations and discoveries, hoping to help my fellow yogis breathe, move, and flow … open, strengthen, and heal … together enjoying the journey of this ever-brightening path.

I bring years of dedicated practice, study, and training to my teaching, rooting into the traditional foundation of yoga, but also soaring out into a contemporary understanding and integration into the truth of each individual today. I honor all the layers of the practice, through which you can open into your infinite potentiality, physical and otherwise. I teach the physical postures as a way to stay vibrant, healthy, and well, and offer various styles including Power / Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Nike Dynamic Yoga. I recognize the physical benefits of getting stronger, leaner, more flexible and more balanced; through my own practice, I have become more connected to and comfortable in my body. As yoga has transformed and empowered me on more metaphysical levels as well, I also offer my teachings as an opportunity to uncover your truth and open your heart. My teachings dive into deeper layers of exploration: quieting the mind, calming the emotions, and awakening the spirit, and celebrating the mysteriously powerful breath that weaves itself through it all.

I’ve recently started a http://planetn.biz/?page_name=pettis-county-missouri-public-records Facebook Page where I am endeavoring to maintain a daily presence, sharing thoughts & tidbits. Please check it out & say hello! www.facebook.com/leahkimyoga


August 2012 update:
My first book release! A guide for aspiring yoga teachers available on Kindle through Amazon.com.
From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven: Jumpstart Your Career as a Yoga Instructor

Book: From Office Hell to Yoga Heaven